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Industry Customized Service  Offering 

Value Proposition Industry Practices for IT Services

          Application Development &  Maintenance

          Business Process Management (BPM)

          Architecture Consulting

          Enterprise Application Integration

          E-commerce B2E, B2B, B2C

          Data Warehousing

          Networking & Infrastructure

          Content Management 


          Supply Chain Management


          Internet and Enterprise Security

          Project Services

          Change Management


          Portfolio Analysis

          Legacy Transformation & Consolidation


   Enhance ROI and your organizational growth by depending on reliable, trained, quality employees and consultants with very specialized technical and business skills.

  Hire Quality Resources at less cost.

  Ensure Value for your Money.

  Reduce staffing time, employee and contractors cost.

  A major insurance company recently estimated that its average cost per hire was $35,000. *Estimate courtesy of Brannick Consulting. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that employee turnover costs a company at least one third of a new hire's annual salary

  Improve employee efficiency. Enhance employee skills for cross functional transitional roles by fast orientation and corporate training by industry experts.

  Support Project Services.


          Health Care                       




          Manufacturing & Logistics

          Travel and Tourism                

          Agriculture and Pets               


          Entertainment Home       



         Financial Services                     


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