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Software Engineering, Medical Sciences,  Information Technology Research and Product Development

Analysis and Testing

This research is directed toward the integration of formal specification methods and analysis with software testing and selective regression testing. Capabilities to support analysis and testing throughout the software lifecycle, from early requirements analysis through operational use are being pursued, as well as extending specification-based testing techniques to be applicable at the level of software architecture.

Open Source Software Development

RTS research in open source software development focuses on empirically-based studies of the processes, practices, and communities that develop open source software. Ethnographic and virtual enthnographic research methods are employed in the field studies of open source software development in communities that include those centered on Internet infrastructure, X-Ray astronomy and deep space imaging, networked computer games, and academic software design research.

Configuration Management


RTS research in configuration management (CM) is aimed at extending support beyond traditional source code CM to provide ubiquitous CM across all phases of the software life cycle. Using the central abstraction of configurable software architecture, many specific problems are addressed on an individual, yet coordinated basis, including advanced repository support for the creation of large-scale, distributed, and development-time CM systems, supporting automated software release, install, and update, providing run-time CM, and managing product line architectures as sets of versioned components, connectors, and interfaces.

Information Visualization

RTS research in information visualization focuses on the development and empirical analysis of methods for presenting abstract information in visual form. The visual display of information allows people to become more easily aware of essential facts, to quickly see regularities and outliers in data, and therefore to develop a deeper understanding of data. Interactive visualization additionally takes advantage of people's ability to also identify interesting facts when the visual display changes, and allows them to manipulate the visualization or the underlying data to explore such changes. RTS faculty explore success factors of effective information visualization.



Clinical Informatics


RTS Clinical Team of Software, Pharma and Medical Professionals  provides customized data extracts and market dynamics research, as well as customized geographical reporting. In addition, the Clinical Informatics division’s statistical analysis of this data has yielded a number of valuable prepared reports on: Therapeutic market share:

Binders, Vitamin D analogues, Iron supplements, Antibiotics

Anticoagulants, Dialyzers,

Clinical outcomes: Adequacy, Anemia, Albumin, PTH, Phosphorus

Bone and mineral metabolism:

Vascular access


Patient census:, Demographics, Co-morbidities

Vintage, Transplant list

New starts, Standardized, de-identified limited data sets:

Hemodialysis, Home hemodialysis

Nocturnal dialysis, Peritoneal  dialysis, CKD



Software Architecture

RTS's research in software architecture is directed at  the cost of application development by focusing attention on high level design issues and increasing the potential for reuse among systems in closely related product families. RTS's work in software architecture provides style-based design guidance, component-based architectural composition, architectural visualization and analysis, system generation capabilities, modification of systems at runtime, and architecture-based rationale capture and delivery.

Human-Computer Interaction

This area focuses on the design, development and evaluation of interactive software systems. We are interested in foundational questions of interaction and usability as well as practical aspects of building effective interactive systems. Current application domains and concerns include evolutionary software development, expert finding, information visualization, fluid information management, personalized systems, and medical information systems.


Bio Tech Research


Determine gene functions.

Compare gene knock-out mutants to wild types.

Compare naturally-isolated strains with different genetic backgrounds.

Identify novel antimicrobial targets by finding genes unique to pathogenic microorganisms.

Find phenotypes present in pathogenic but not in non-pathogenic strains.

Find phenotypes present in pathogenic microbes but not in host cells (animal or plant).

Test antimicrobial targets and drug leads by comparative phenotyping.

Determine MOA of drug leads.

Compare phenotypic changes caused by target gene knockout versus drug addition.

Bioprocess improvement

Compare and analyze different generations of production strains.

QC fingerprint production strains.

Scan 2000 culture conditions simultaneously to optimize the growth medium for product yield.

General cell characterization

Determine metabolic properties of any microbe. Determine drug/chemical sensitivities.




Hospital Management and Research Programs




Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes and Metabolic Disease

Infectious Disease and Inflammation


Transplantation Biology

Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Program

Genomic Medicine

Imaging/Molecular Imaging



Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins, particularly their structures and functions. Proteins are vital parts of living organisms, as they are the main components of the physiological metabolic pathways of cells.

Stem Cell Biology & Tissue Engineering.





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