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Project Services Concepts, Advantages and Benefits

Why CIO OutSource?

Offshore Project Services Strategy

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Niche Project Services

          Project Management

          Process Consulting

          Business Analysis and Design

          Technical Architecture Design

          Internet Security and Firewalls

          Data Warehousing

          Risk Management

          Disaster Recovery



          Quality Control, Six Sigma

          Vendor Evaluation

          Production Support


 Advantages of Project Services

          Best Industry Standards

          Quality Improvement

          Greater Productivity

          Best talented resources  

          Increased ROI, NPV, IRR

          Less Resourcing Cost

          Less employee turnovers

          Less investment in training

          Cutting edge Technology

          Skilled resources 

          Lowers Costs

          Quicker Time To Market


Technology Platforms

e-Business, B2B, B2C, B2E

Legacy Transformation  Consolidation

Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Application Integration

Networking and Infrastructure

Infrastructure Management

Enterprise Applications


Telecommunication Internetworking

Wireless & Broadband


Chip Design


Why will the CIOs Outsource?

Strategic goals need to be the main driver of a successful Project Services initiative. A solitary focus on cost savings by a sourcing team will result in a potentially misaligned relationship as soon as the needs of the organization change. A sourcing process must carefully consider and understand the CIO's agenda and strategic vision and match both with the potential vendors culture and capabilities.


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