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Why Offshore ?

Significant cost savings to our clients, in some cases up to 50%.

  • Our offshore teams can provide a cost effective temporary or full-time solution to avoid expensive new recruitment.
  • By Project Services priority projects to our offshore development teams for high value design and development our clients are able to concentrate on other areas of business, rather than spending the hours recruiting local professionals. In some cases, our experienced overseas professionals can contribute significant research and technical knowledge to your organization as well.
  • Our overseas employees have the same skill sets and academic background as our consultants in the United States.

Reliance can provide offshore assistance in technical design, development and programming at short notice without increasing our clients' long-term commitments on manpower.  Project Services with Reliance can achieve more than just cost savings. It can help organizations meet strategic business objectives and effect radical change.

Reliance can help to accelerate cost reductions and cope with increasing demand for the business to improve the speed and quality of IT services by:

  • Consolidating multiple regional IS teams into a centrally managed global IS team
  • Reducing the cost of supporting and extending multiple business applications
  • Providing IT thought leadership, understanding the business, proactively defining IT opportunities, and consistently delivering IT results in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Partnering with business units to enable strategies and enhance competitive advantage

Reliance uses our proprietary "Project Services " methodology to achieve the large scale changes needed. The methodology, which is particularly suitable when an enterprise has multiple systems (because of acquisitions or other activities), consists of the following steps:

  • Group the systems by business process Find out the minimum level required to support the business
  • Support systems offshore
  • Consolidate systems using the on-site/offshore model

 Go to full business process if that is required by the client  

Enterprises entering into an offshore partnership should focus on getting more than just cost savings and Reliance proactively suggests additional ways they can transform business and technology processes and practices.  

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