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Advance Electronic Technology

Semiconductor SOC, VLSI and Broad Band High Tech Industry solutions

           Embedded Systems 

          Tightly Coupled Systems 

          Digital Signal Processing

          SOC Solutions

          ASIC System Design/Verification & Test 

          Functional Verification

          Emulation and Acceleration

          Synthesis Place and Route

          Analog, RF and Mixed Signal

          Custom IC Layout

          Physical Verification and analysis

          IC Design, Verification, IC Packaging

          PCB Design

          Wireless Design

          FPGA / CPLD Design

          Intellectual Property  (IP)

          Digital Multimedia
          Broad Band Solutions

Wireless and Broadband Solutions

           SOC Design Solutions

Hardware and Software Solutions



Embedded Systems

           Compilers Debuggers

          Embedded systems Processors

Real-time operating systems


Reliance Expertise in Semiconductor, Telecom, Wireless, Broadband Industries

          ASIC, VLSI, VHDL

          System Level Design

          Functional Verification

          Emulation, Simulation and Acceleration

          Synthesis Place and Route

          Analog, RF and Mixed Signal

          DSP, Broadband

          Custom IC Layout

          Physical Verification and analysis

          IC Packaging

          PCB Design

          Wireless Design

FPGA Design, Device Drivers


Intellectual Property (IP)

           FGPA / PLDA

Targeted RTL Cores





          Design Methodology

          Design Entry & Management Design creation


Digital Simulation


IC Design & Verification 

          Analog/Mixed signal

           Custom IC Design

          High capacity circuit simulation Extraction Physical verification & manufacturability

Physical optimization Resolution enhancement technologies


Analog RF/Mixed signal

          Integrated circuits design

Simulation and analysis



System Design/Verification & Test

          Platform Design Hardware/Software

          Co-Verification Design

          Entry & Management

          Accelerated system verification

          Formal Verification


          Emulation Services

Speed Gate analysis


Tightly Coupled Systems (TCS)

          Complete Complex SOC

          System On Chip Design

          Flow Solutions

          Logical Harness Design

          Tightly Coupled Manufacturing flow

Tightly Coupled Analysis


Digital Signal Processing

          Audio, Digital Control

          Optical Networking

          Digital Networks

          Automotive Imaging

          Digital Video

          Wireless Communication

SOC Solutions



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