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Reliance supports a proactive recruitment department that is continuously on look out for talent to recruit. Apart from looking at traditional recruiting sources we also go to top engineering campuses in India every year to recruit fresh graduates from campuses. We typically recruit from the top 20% of the graduating classes. This ensures that we have a continuous supply of both experienced resources and talented fresh graduates.

The company also provides regular training to all its employees through a combination of external and internal training programs to enhance their skills. The training areas are:

          Technical training on tools, technologies, processes and project management

          Behavioral training on communication, presentation, leadership, cross cultural training etc.

          The training needs are identified through a formal process of performance management, direct inputs from the business units to meet the market requirements or staff requests. Once the training needs are identified then a quarterly training calendar is created by Training and Development cell of the HR department. This is executed with the right combination of external and internal training programs. For all trainings, we also capture participant feedback to measure effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Reliance is a leading provider of eBusiness solutions and hence enjoys a very strong brand in the market. This helps us to recruit talent for our requirements. In addition to this we ensure that our compensation is in the 90th plus percentile range. For this we conduct six monthly salary surveys and based on this adjust salaries of our employees in January and July of every year.

           Besides, to retain talented staff, we motivate them through delegation of authority and accountability, the level of which keeps increasing as the involvement of the employees with the project increases. We have specific project based incentive and cross training on technologies to keep the staff motivated to work on a project on an ongoing basis. 

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