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Stock Purchase Plan
This program allows our associates to make regular payroll deductions to purchase Reliance stock at a 10% discount.

Employee Stock Option Plan
provides this plan for eligible associates who have contributed to the success of Reliance.

We also offer additional benefits like corporate card, discount car rentals, no interest loans for specific purposes, permanent residency program and our new internet-based learning environment that provides our associates with a fundamentally as


Medical and Life Insurance


Dental Care


Vision Care




For US, Europe and India Employees

Reliance believes we have the best benefits package in the industry. Here is a summary description of our existing benefits package:

Reliance provides a wide range of medical benefits through its medical plan which allows you the freedom to use a network provider or to choose a non-network provider. In addition, the plan allows our associates to see a specialist in all fields of medicine without first getting permission from a primary care physician. Highlights of the plan include 100% coverage for "in-network hospitalization" routine physical exams are covered in our out of network; unlimited major medical maximum; and lots more.

Reliance provides a range of dental benefits which enables our associates and their families to access dental care at lower out-of-pocket costs.

Reliance provides a comprehensive vision plan which includes coverage of eye exams, eye glasses and contact lenses; the cost of this plan is paid entirely by the company.

Life Insurance
Reliance provides life insurance coverage for our associates, their spouse and children; the cost of this insurance is paid entirely by the company.

Accidental Death/Disability Insurance (AD&D)
Reliance provides Accidental death/Disability insurance coverage; the cost of this insurance is paid entirely by the company.

Short-term Disability Insurance
Reliance provides short-term disability insurance; the cost of this insurance is paid entirely by the company.

Long-term Disability Insurance
Reliance provides long term disability insurance; the cost of this insurance is paid entirely by the company.

401K Plan
Reliance provides this plan for eligible associates with a company matching contribution. Reliance matching funds are immediately vested in the plan.

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